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                For many years, it has been a Class A supplier of Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd. (Haoju Motorcycle) in Guangdong Province, and also supplies to dozens of motorcycle companies nationwide: Huadu Dayang, Zengcheng Benma, Guangzhou Wuyang Jiangmen Style, Chongqing Longxin, etc. provide a large number of high-quality components.

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                Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Review

                Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Review

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                2021/01/08 17:37
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                Yuhuan Huayang Machinery Co., Ltd. appeared at the Automechanika Shanghai from December 2 to 5, 2020. Although the exhibition was affected by the epidemic and fewer overseas customers visited, with high-quality products and services, JHY still won the enthusiasm of a large number of customers who came to the exhibition and customers who watched the boardcast.  


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                During exhibition, JHY brought its brake calipers, spark plugs with continuously innovative products and solutions to the automotive aftermarket demands, presenting a superior product experience to all of our customers.


                Our Communication

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                At Automechanika Shanghai2020, The grand booths and exquisite display draws great attention of many customers, who came to learn about and experience our professional products. Through in-depth communication with our on-site staff, we are quite confident that every customer who has been to JHYs booth will gain something.


                Our Live Webcast

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                In order to make up for the shortcomings of some customers not being able to come to the scene due to the epidemic situation and other reasons, JHY specially arranged a live broadcast session at this exhibition. Through the live broadcast platform, we demonstrated our full products and activities to customers. Customers can not only watch online, but also interact with us to leave messages and witness the event together.

                The magical 2020 has passed. No matter who it is, this year must be an extraordinary year. For Huayang Machinery, during this year, we are still brave to innovate, still energetic, and still more courageous. After 2020, we will be greeted with a brand new 2021. Start again and win in 2021!

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                Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Review
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